I Am An Energetic Dragonslayer

Hi, I’m Stephanie Gerard.  I reside in the glorious state of Alaska and absolutely love it here!  I am inspired by the lovely nature and have expanded my hobbies to include nature photography. I love flowers of all kinds and especially love living between the mountains and the sea.  Music greatly inspires me and lends to playfulness with my creativity. ​

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it's great to meet you!

I am an Energetic Dragonslayer with many gifts to share.  I love helping others remove outdated programs and receive new, supportive energies.  Working with others helps me share LOVE by facilitating healings the way which best fits the needs of each individual.  I celebrate sharing my gifts with the world, as this is how we affect change, one person at a time. 


  • Theta Healer

  • Pranic Healer

  • Spiritual Response Therapist


  • 25+ years working with humanity to bring clarity, purpose and freedom