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CLIENTS           RAVE

"I am so blessed to have connected with Stephanie. I found her in a moment of divine timing during an unrelated google search and was compelled to connect with her for healing as I was dealing with a lot of darkness and stress at that time. When we first connected and I heard her voice and felt her energy, there was an instant knowing inside of me that this was the start of my coming home. She holds so much light, and that light sparked a beautiful reminder in me on that day. I had had many healing sessions before that time, but never that deep feeling of remembrance of myself, the way I did in that moment. With each session and each new layer healed I become truer and truer to myself. My intuition and knowing has grown so much stronger, and I have so much more peace and connection to source. If you had told me five years ago that life could feel this light and full of love, I wouldn’t have believed it. Stephanie is not only a gifted healer, but an extremely accurate psychic and a compassionate, warm (and fun!)  human being. I’m grateful to have found her and would highly recommend her to help with any aspect of life’s journey."



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