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Looking for a test drive before you sign on the dotted line?   Great!  

Catch Stephanie the second Tuesday of each month at 7pm pst for another edition of "Journey With Stephanie."

Stephanie is a nationally recognized psychic and energy healer. Listen in as she shares her insights into the energies of the world, interviews her guests and take listener calls.

If you've ever wanted to talk to a psychic, but were scared, or just didn't know what to expect - "Journey With Stephanie" gives you a great introduction to the services Stephanie offers in your private reading.

Click HERE to listen to the show each month!

Miss it live?  

Stephanie's got you covered!  Click the show links to listen to the replay.

Listened to the show and you called in?

Get ready to take notes!  Click the show link to re-listen to Stephanie's reading for your question.